Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tristin Memories or Granddad Memories

A new box of Granddad's treasures was given to by Bonnie.  I was dusting it off and sorting the old cameras and found this box.

And there is a very special not tucked inside the pen box...  I will post it, but it didn't scan like I wanted it to.

Use your imagination and stand on your head and this is what it says:
"To Grandad from Tristin.  This thing will help you remember me.  Put it in your pocket."

Naturally I cried.  Of course Granddad CHERISHED it and kept it where he could read the note whenever he wanted!!
I am guessing, but think this may be the age when Tristin might have sent this package.  This is her school picture from 1999 and she was in the third grade and is 8 years old.  Where has the time gone?

Here is our cowgirl!  We are ready for her to come to ride again!!!
I am looking for one more picture.  We will see if I can find it.  No luck!!  Another day!!


  1. This is an amazing teasure! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How precious!

    I miss them both. Hope Tristin can come visit soon!